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How to use getStorify Pro Plugin?

Read this Getting Started story to learn how to use getStorify Pro Plugin on your WordPress website.

Step 1

Go to getStorify Pro Plugin and download the plugin for your WordPress website.

Step - 2

2.1. Go to getStorify website.

2.2. Login to your getStorify account by entering your registered email address and password.


2.3. After you are logged in, click on the user icon on the top right corner.

2.4. From the dropdown menu select the "Settings" option.

2.5.  In the Settings page select the API Service option from the left side.

2.6. On the right side of the API Service page create an app clicking on the “CREATE APP” button.

2.7.  A form appears where you have to enter the name of your app and your domain name.

2.7.1 Do's and Dont's


1. Enter your domain name with a proper protocol like http:// or https://

2. If you have a subdomain  then your domain entry should be like ””



1. Do not enter any extra queries in the domain name (Example –

Only enter the domain name (Example –

2.8. After making the entries click on CREATE button.

2.9. On success, you will get to see your newly created App card. 

2.10. Click on the MANAGE button.

2.11. A form appears containing all your credentials which you will be using in the later steps.



For your WordPress configurations you will need AppID, UserID and AppToken.

Step - 3

3.1. In your WordPress dashboard go to “Plugins” present on the left menu bar. It will look something like this.

3.2. Unzip your downloaded getStorifyProPlugin and upload it to “wordpress/wp-content/plugins/” directory. Now go to the WordPress dashboard and click on the plugins option on the left menu bar  and choose installed plugins. You can see the getStorifyProPlugin included.

3.3. Activate the getStorifyProPlugin clicking on the activate option below the plugin name. Successful activation will display a “Plugin activated" message on the top.

3.4. Now select Settings on the left menubar. You will see “getStorifyProPlugin” option.

3.5. Clicking it will take you to getStorifyProPlugin Configurations. 

3.6. Fill the form with your getStorify User ID, App ID and AppToken that you noted in 11 point in previous step(Step2) and click on the save button.


3.7. On success you can see your getStorify profile picture, name and also a [getStorifyPlugin_shortcode] below  the save button.

3.8. Copy the shortcode [getStorifyPlugin_shortcode] . This can be used in both posts and pages.


3.9. Create a new page in WordPress , paste this shortcode in the text editor and click on Publish button.

3.10. Now visit the page and you will see the stories.

3.11. By default stories are displayed in one column.

To show stories in multiple columns use the “columns” attribute in the shortcode.


[getStorifyPlugin_shortcode columns=”2”]


At maximum you can have only 4 columns.


3.12. Click the Read more button to continue reading the story.


3.13. For the post, create a new post in WordPress , paste this shortcode in the text editor and click on Publish button.

3.14. Now visit the post page and you will get to see the stories.

Congratulations !!! You have made it !!!